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About us

Founder’s message

In 2015 I founded OneLegem, an alternative legal services company offering legal services, consulting and software to legal departments and law firms. OneLegem services and software would help its clients improve efficiency, quality and substantially reduce legal costs.

OneLegem was preceded by Novadios, an alternative legal services company I co-founded in 2008, which operated up until 2015. Novadios provided document review and contract drafting services, mainly to tech companies in the US. But that was only part of a bigger experience. During those years I witnessed the first changes relating to the way the legal services were delivered and it was clear to me that the Legal Industry had started an evolution path. These changes were essentially triggered by the 2008 financial crisis and the new generation technology that started to find its way in the Legal Industry, and which still is undergoing. This evolution, which essentially is methodology-oriented – or in other words, related to the way the legal services are delivered – consists in the incorporation of processes and technology to the legal work, and a more practical integration with other professions in order to achieve better outcomes. OneLegem was born out of this experience.

Once operations started, the results were encouraging. We found ourselves meeting with a large an increasing number of legal departments interested in introducing quality changes in the services they provided to their internal clients. As part of that evolution, in 2018 we launched LegalCloud, our back-to-back legal software platform, which turned our processes into technology aimed to help accelerate changes and introduce a broader scope of solutions and functionalities for legal departments and firms. But this is just the beginning. As the Legal Industry is still redefining and refining the way the legal services are provided, the only constant for us is change. Because of that, our services and software are on permanent beta evolution mode.

After these first five years, it is critical to increase efforts, develop and expand more ideas and challenge ourselves as an organization to achieve those goals that we envisioned back then. This is certainly a venture worthy of all our best efforts.

Matias Avila-Nores


Matías Avila Nores

Founder and CEO 

Background Experience

Matías is an attorney specializing in Corporate and Commercial law with over 20 years of experience in the legal profession. Before founding OneLegem, Matías co-founded in Novadios, an alternative legal services company based in the US with its operations center in Argentina which provided project-based document review and day-to-day, back-to-back contract drafting services. Among its clients, Novadios provided services to MGM Resorts International, Yahoo!, CBRE, Restoration Hardware and eBay. Under Novadios and later under OneLegem, Matias has overseen the day-to-day operations, supervising the delivery of work to clients. Before Novadios, Matías worked at Allende & Brea, a top firm in Argentina, where he worked on M&A and Corporate law for international and local clients.

Education & Certifications

Matías graduated in 1997 with a JD (equivalent) degree from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Later in 2000 he graduated from Universidad Austral with a master’s degree in Business Law. In 2002, Matias received an LL.M from Duke University School of Law. He is a member of both the Buenos Aires and the Córdoba Bar Associations.

Commercial Partners

Mark International is our global commercial partner with whom we develop alternative legal services in different markets.